Digibot, Your Virtual Assistant

Tailored to your brand and business

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 Get To Know Digibot

What in the heck is Digibot? Digibot is a custom programmed bot that is 100% tailored to your business and brand. All prompts will be manually added to the bot so when your users come to your website and need help with commonly asked questions, Digibot can answer them, provide them with useful information such as: links to pages, downloadable items, contact forms & contact options and more.

I created Digibot for my own website, That Digital Dude, but thought about how it can help others as well. It’s fairly new and I have already started adding it to client websites, who saw the demo and liked it a lot. It’s not as awesome as ChatGPT, but it’s simple, to the point and is affordable. It’s a great addition to add to your website to help your users navigate your website and to help your SEO as well.

We can make it as simple or complex as you’d like. Reach out today for a free quote.

Virtual Assistant

This bot is programmed just for your business. For any FAQs, this can easily be programmed to answer those questions and provide information and call-to-actions.

Tailored Suggestions

If a user needs help with services/products, certain suggestions can be presented so the user stays on your website. This is great for decreasing bounce rate and increasing conversions.

Designed to Your Brand

Whatever your brand is, digibot can be designed to fit your brand. Just share your colors, logos, and anything else brand related. This helps your customers know they can trust the bot.

Digibot in Action

Look at the video below to see digibot in action or you can simply engage with digibot live on the website.

Why Use Digibot?

Many websites use virtual bots to help assist their users who may have common questions or inquires. Having a bot programmed to answer common questions or assist your users across your website is super helpful for your users, SEO (search engine optimization) and conversions.

Answer Common Questions
Provide Useful Information
Help Users Navigate Your Website
Offer Clear Call-To-Actions
Provide Contact Forms or Contact Options​

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