This Tool Engages Your Viewers and Customers

This tool allows your customers to see which color they like best by clicking through the variation of colors, watching it change in real time so they can visually see how colors look on a house.

This tool helps with keeping users on your website longer and also helps with leads, as they will be more inclined to reach out to you to inquire about certain colors and probably will ask you the cost of installation.

Here is a list of all I need from you to get started:

1.) An image you would like to use (if you don’t have any good images, I can use a stock image).

2.) A list of colors you offer for your metal roof installation services

3.) Need to ensure you can add custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to your website; most websites allow to add custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but will need to be sure. If you are unsure, that is totally fine, I can take a look at your website and see the best/easiest way to add the code. It’s not a lot of code and won’t slow your website down. I can help install the tool if needed.

4.) Just test the tool out on desktop and mobile and ensure it’s working properly for you; I will test right after installation, but want to make sure you test and approve.

5.) That’s it! Enjoy the metal roof visualizer tool and if you have any questions, just reach out! If you wish to make changes, just reach out. If you are not a developer, please don’t try updating the code yourself, as you may break the tool.

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