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PPC Advertising

PPC advertising (PPC, SEM) is known as one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to get your company in front of people that are looking for your products and services at the exact minute they’re searching. This is a great service to utilize if you are wanting immediate traffic to your website and leads.

With the right pay-per-click advertising company and strategy, you can drive more website traffic, higher quality leads, and ultimately, more customers. It is also worth mentioning that this differs from SEO, in the sense that you are paying for immediate traffic with PPC, but with SEO you are building a organic source of traffic, which does take longer and depending on the keyword, can be harder to achieve. It’s recommended to do both SEO and PPC for your business for the best results.

That’s where That Digital Dude comes in. With many PPC clients over the years, you can be rest assured your website will be in great hands. By working with you to create an advertising strategy that reflects your brand and will achieve your goals, your business will start to increase traffic and leads.

Various PPC Advertising Types

Search Network

This strategy option will put your ads in front of all organic traffic for your users’ searches. This is a great way to get high-quality traffic to your website. That Digital Dude recommends this strategy for all clients, as the benefits are greater.

Display Ads

Display ads is an ad strategy that shows an image (logo, or other brand images) with text and CTAs that will entice your audience to click on the display ads to then be brought to your landing page. This method can be great, depending on the product or service you are offering.

YouTube Ads

Video is the new blog. It has been for several years now. Video is growing at a rapid rate, so your audience is more than likely somewhere on YouTube. By advertising your brand, services and products via YouTube ads, you are increasing your chances of growing your online presence.

Remarketing Ads

With Remarking ads, you are able to target people who have already visited your website. This is a great PPC advertising strategy because with most businesses, before a prospect becomes a customer, there will be many touch points. Remarketing reminds your users.

PPC Results for Carolina Rod Holders

That Digital Dude has helped our company out by managing our Google Ads for several competitive keywords on the first page of Google. We get steady business solely through our SEO now.

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Scott R.

Carolina Rod Holders

PPC Reporting Made Easy

That Digital Dude will share monthly PPC reports with you. This will be a 1:1 call where all details of the report will be covered so you leave the call knowing everything.

What is Included in the PPC Management Services?

We Offer Affordable Web Design

That Digital Dude tailors each PPC campaign/service specifically to our PPC clients’ needs.

Below are some of the PPC services included in each package.

Paid Search Advertising
PPC Management
Campaign Creation
Landing Page Optimization
Keyword Monitoring
Conversion Tracking
A/B Testing
Monthly Reporting

Do I Really Need PPC Services for My Business?

Target Your Exact Customer

When you run a Google Ads Search campaign, you are able to target your exact customer based on their search query in Google. This is a great way for your ideal customers to see your business when they otherwise would not know your business.

Grow Your Business

When PPC advertising is done correctly, you will start to grow your website audience, customer base and ultimately, your business. It’s important to run PPC ads if you want to grow your online presence and leads online, whereas SEO will take longer. Both are effective.

Bid Against Your Competitors

It is no surprise that if you search for your business, product or service online, you will see other websites in your industry show up. These are your competitors and they are running ads for common keywords that both of your businesses share. To compete, you will also need to run ads to get customers.

Brand Credibility

When a user searches for your product or service and your website is at the top, even in an Ad spot, it helps your brand out. This is because users tend not to scroll far down the first page on their search query; so if your website is listed at the top in an Ad spot, the user will see your website first. Helping with brand recognition.