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Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services

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Affordable SEO Services for Your Business

SEO or search engine optimization is when you optimize your content that is on your website for certain keywords that are associated with your business with the end-goal of bringing in relevant traffic to your website. SEO does take time to build up; it is not an overnight task that magically puts you on the first page of Google the next day. Typically, you will see some positive results within 1-3 months of our affordable SEO services. We use the words “affordable SEO services” because we do not charge as much as larger agencies do, mainly because they have a large overhead they have to maintain, whereas That Digital Dude does not.

The mission statement of That Digital Dude is to help small and medium sized businesses with their website, search engine optimization and marketing needs. Our Affordable SEO package is perfect for any small business who is struggling to get any online traction; That Digital Dude will create a custom SEO strategy to get your website to show up more on search engines.

SEO can be overwhelming and confusing, that is no secret. You can check your SEO performance one day and everything be fine, then all of a sudden you are dropping several spots because Google did an update. It’s a full-time job managing your SEO and following best practices from Google. Many small business owners do not have the time to take out of their busy schedules to learn SEO and then work on it every day… It’s truly requires a lot of time.

That is why it’s very important to hire someone either internally, freelancer or agency to manage your SEO for your website.

We tell our clients to focus on their work/business and we will handle their SEO for them. Because tracking SEO updates and optimizing web content for SEO truly a full-time job. It is quite hard to manage your business, clients, projects AND still have time to manually work on SEO yourself. It’s much easier to allow an SEO agency or SEO specialist to handle SEO for your business so you can just focus on your business and customers.

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That Digital Dude Affordable SEO Services

Safe SEO

That Digital Dude always practices white-hat SEO. Making sure to follow Google’s guidelines and recommendations for all SEO clients. This ensures Google will not penalize your website from bad SEO practice.

On-Site SEO

That Digital Dude optimizes your website from ensuring your content is correctly written, your HTML is set up correctly for Google bots to read, images, blogging (new content is key!), technical SEO and more.
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Technical SEO

That Digital Dude will make sure to perform a website audit to see what issues could be hindering your website performance and UI/UX issues as well. By using specific SEO tools to help gather this data for us to evaluate and take action, your website and SEO will be in good hands.

Local SEO

That Digital Dude offers local SEO to companies that do business locally. This is a different approach than your general/national/global SEO services. It requires more focus on local based keywords and it’s important to have a Google Business Listing created.

SEO Services In-Depth

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Keyword Research

Technical Site Audit

Page Load Speed

Gap Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Content Creation

Core Web Vitals

Backlink Management

SEO Results for Carolina Rod Holders

That Digital Dude has helped our company out by ranking our website for several competitive keywords on the first page of Google. We get steady business solely through our SEO now.

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Scott R.

Carolina Rod Holders

SEO Data & Reporting Made Easy

Below are screenshots of one SEO tool that we use to get the job done! We make sure to share all important and relevant information to you in each report, so you are never left out of the loop!

What is Included in the Affordable SEO Service Package?

We Offer Affordable Web Design

That Digital Dude tailors each SEO campaign/service specifically to our SEO clients’ needs.

Below are some of the SEO services included in each package.

Keyword Research
Technical Site Audit
Increase Page Load Speed
Gap Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Content Creation
Core Web Vitals
And More!

Do I Really Need SEO Services for My Business?

Organic Web Traffic

When you have your website and content optimized for SEO, you will start to get relevant organic traffic to your website daily, weekly, and monthly. This will help increase your leads and sales for your products and services.

Expand Your Business

When you optimize your website for SEO, whether local or broad, you will start to increase your leads, sales, and revenue. This can allow for your business to grow or expand into a new area, service, or product.

Outrank Your Competition

It is no surprise that if you search for your business, product or service online, you will see other websites in your industry show up. These are your competitors. By enhancing your SEO, you can start to outrank them!

Brand Credibility

When a user searches for your product or service and your website is on the first page, ideally the top 3 positions, it shows the user that your business and brand are legitimate and can be trusted to do business with.

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